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August 06 2017


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So we can sing

Albin Loán is a multi-talented singer, songwriter & music producer who released ‘Teach Me How To Love’ and ‘Work Me’ early this summer. Now he’s back with a brand new Pop track and music video called ‘So We Can Sing’, written & produced by himself and the music producer EKKO.


EKKO is a Swedish Producer/DJ. He has been working in the shadows, releasing songs under another alias. He received worldwide recognition by DJs all over the world and has since then perfected his genius outcome - EKKO.


-  “We at Warble Music are very proud to work with Albin because he’s so genuinely talented and very creative and always full of ideas.” – Say’s Elin Ehlersen who is the VP for Warble Music.

Albin flew from Sweden all the way to Los Angeles to record his debut music video for ‘So We Can Sing’ together with Kroyal Images (www.kroyal.se) and the director Alexander Kaj.


-  “This was actually a very interesting trip for both Kroyal and me. Albin is an interesting person. He’s very creative, knows what he wants, and has so many ideas. We drove basically everywhere in LA to find spots and had so much personal and fun quality time during the video shoot. The "So We Can Sing" was definitely a work trip that I’ll never forget in my life. Thank you for that Albin!” – says Alexander Kaj, the CEO and Director of Kroyal Images.


So We Can Sing is a personal written song where Albin tells a story how he had a summer crush and explains what they did, how he felt and that he misses the person.

What is interesting about these lyrics is that, when you watch the music video, you will probably get two sides of a story, at least we did. Did Albin sing about when he was younger? Do they know each other today? Or what is it about?

Please feel free to comment what you think the music video actually is about.


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